More Bonus Game-BLOG Coverage (LSU-Vanderbilt; 2nd half)

More submissions from Chris Henderson, on-site in Orange Beach, Alabama:

1:06 – Just a quick ACC note, FSU has topped Duke, 2-0. Nervous week ahead for the Blue Devils.

1:08 – Interesting note for the Tigers as they start the second half. Malorie Rutledge is nowhere to be seen on the pitch.

1:09 – Injury? Rest? It'll be interesting to see if she comes back.

1:10 – With Rutledge out, Clarke is proving to be a marked woman and is hacked down about 23 yards out. Boudreau's free kick smashes into the wall with a loud smack.

1:13 – Yepez is slashed down for another foul

1:15 – It's going to be hard for the Commodores to get back into the match if they keep conceding fouls in dangerous positions. Another one for the Tigers, just under 30 yards out.

1:15 – The shot is blasted towards goal by Boudreau but Bachtel dives to her right to make a great save.

1:16 – GOAL - Banks (Yepez) - LSU

1:17 – Game basically over. Yepez slots Carlie Banks through with a beautiful through ball and the freshman striker has all the time in the world to fire at goal.  Bachtel got a piece of it but not enough to keep it from hitting the back of the net.

1:18 – IN - Eddings, OUT - Dean (VANDY)

1:19 – A real close shave for LSU, a half-cross/half-shot by Vandy rebounds off the far post, comes perilously close to the line, but no signal for goal is given.

1:20 – With a three-goal advantage, it doesn't look like Rutledge will be needed in this one.

1:21 – Foul near the far edge of the box gives Vandy a free kick that could double as a corner. The free kick swerves in but over everyone.

1:21 – IN - Lowe, ? - OUT - Alexander, Clarke

1:22 – LSU looks to be making a calculated decision in resting some of their stars. A nice luxury to have with a three-goal lead.

1:22 – IN - Rutledge - OUT - Yepez (LSU)

1:23 – ...or not.  Rutledge comes back in for the Tigers. Whether it's more than a cameo appearance is yet to be seen.

1:23 – IN - Megan Kinsella, OUT - Molly Kinsella (VANDY)

1:27 – It's gone a little bit flat here with just under a half-an-hour left to play. That fourth goal seems to really have let the air out of Vanderbilt's sails.

1:27 – IN - Clarke, OUT - Murphy (LSU)

1:29 – IN - Lohmuller, OUT - Forester (VANDY)

1:30 – IN - Alexander, OUT - Banks (LSU)

1:32 – IN - Forester, Mo. Kinsella, OUT - West, Grant

1:33 – A header for Lukens as she backpedals and leaps into the air flies over the bar. It seems as if the directive for the Tigers is to guard their lead. They're putting more players behind the ball at the moment.

1:33 – Clarke gets the ball at her feet from just over 20 yards out but lifts her shot into orbit.

1:34 – With Banks out of the lineup, Alexander is playing in a more advanced position.   Listed as a defender by the Tigers, the SEMO State transfer won the OVC Offensive Player of the Year before coming to Baton Rouge, so you know she can score.

1:35 – Rutledge has been somewhat muted in the second half.

1:35 – Just over a quarter-of-an-hour left in this one, 4-1 LSU.

1:36 – Some fancy dribbling by Vanderbilt's Canadian freshman Chelsea Stewart sees her have a chance to hammer a shot, but it sails high.

1:37 – If LSU holds on, they will play the winner of the Ole Miss-Auburn match that directly follows this one in the first game on Friday evening.

1:38 – IN - Murphy, OUT - Boudreau (LSU), IN - Grant, OUT - Rhoades (VANDY)

1:39 – Alexander has a chance to make it 5-1, one-on-one with Bachtel but the 'keeper is able to parry the shot away. Hint of offside there.

1:42 – IN - Andrews, OUT - Megan Kinsella (VANDY), IN - Yepez, OUT - Rutledge (LSU)

1:43 – When it's going your way, it's going your way - Lagow almost scores from midfield for LSU with a long free kick that just finds the roof of the net.

1:44 – Alexander rips a shot towards the near post, but Bachtel leaps at full stretch to tip it wide.

1:44 – IN - Boudreau, OUT - Carreno (LSU)

1:46 – Yepez has a chance from close in, Bachtel clears it momentarily, but only to Clarke near the top of the box, but the senior hits it right at Bachtel.

1:46 – IN - Carreno, OUT - Clarke (LSU)

1:47 – Free kick in a very dangerous position for Vandy at the edge of the box.

1:47 – Molly Kinsella stands over it...

1:48 – GOAL - Mo. Kinsella - VANDERBILT

1:49 – Right around the wall and past Mo Isom, who had no chance.

1:49 – 4-2 with just about 3 minutes left.


1:54  – GAME ONE Most Outstanding Player - Melissa Clarke (LSU)

1:54 – Back in roughly 30 minutes with Game Two between #3 Ole Miss and #6 Auburn

2:03 – Stats from Game One: SHOTS - LSU - 17, VANDY - 7 .. SOG - LSU - 9, VANDY - 3 ... Corner Kicks - LSU - 8, VANDY - 2