Round-of-32 Streaks (six teams have double-digit streaks of reaching 2nd round)

There are 10 teams in the country with senior classes that have advanced past the first round of the NCAAs in each of the past four seasons (2006-09). In fact, six longrunning streaks of reaching the second round/round-of-32 continued yesterday (see chart below; note that some of the earlier years included fields of fewer than 32 teams).

Active streaks of reaching the NCAA round-of-32

(research courtesy of ... updated through 2009 season; includes some seasons with field of fewer than 32 teams)

28 – North Carolina  (1982-2009)
17 – Notre Dame  (1993-2009)
16 – Virginia  (1994-2009)
13 – UCLA  (1997-2009)
12 – Texas A&M  (1998-2009)
10 – Portland  (2000-09)
5 – Florida State  (2005-09) 
4 – Florida  (2006-09)
4 – Oklahoma State  (2006-09) 
4 – Stanford  (2006-09) 
4 – Wake Forest  (2006-09) 

Notes: Duke (6; 2003-08) and USC (4; 2005-08) both saw their streaks of reaching the NCAA second round come to an end on Friday – and Illinois had advanced to the NCAA second round (final-32) each of the previous five seasons (2004-08), but the Fighting Illini failed to qualify for the 2009 NCAAs. ...

Also of note, exactly half of the teams that have advanced to the second round this season (16) did not reach the round-of-32 the previous season ('08): Wisconsin, Oregon State, BYU, UConn, Washington St., Penn St., Virginia Tech, LSU, Cal, South Carolina, Georgia, Dayton, San Diego St.,Santa Clara, Maryland and Central Michigan.