SEC Wrapup Blog (SC comeback win over GA)

Chris Henderson's long day comes to an end, as he completes his blogging from the SEC Tournament (thanks Chris for volunteering for this duty and sharing your insights with the CS360 site visitors!).


GAME 4 (cont.): Georgia vs. South Carolina

7:59 – Jacobs goes on a nice run down the near sideline but the cross is intercepted by Betos, denying Bigbie.

8:00 – Jacobs and Grimsley play a pretty one-two, eventually winning a corner off of a defender.

8:01 – IN - Hooker, OUT - Simpson (Georgia)

8:02 – Hooker has been Georgia's answer to Florida's Tahnai Annis, a super sub who makes good things happen on the pitch.

8:02 – Things have settled down a little as we pass the 20-minute mark. They couldn't keep up the pace of the first 15 minutes.

8:04 – After Perry takes it to the endline for Georgia, the ball is centered to Hooker from  20 yards out, but her laser is blocked. Hooker has proven more than capable of scoring from distance this year.

8:05 – Georgia has established a little more momentum as we near 25 minutes in.

8:06 – IN - Stein, Glancy,   OUT - Perry, Miller

8:06 – Those subs are for Georgia.

8:07 – Diaz-Matosas jinks her way around Hooker and takes aim from about 22 yards but the ball deflects off of Powell for a SC corner.

8:07 – Betos comes out and claims the corner safely.

8:09 – Interesting to see Grimsley pushed so far back into midfield. Powell is marking her tightly, not giving her an inch. The sophomore forward has been atypically quiet tonight.

8:10 – Pollock is fouled in the air by Ellen Fahey. Fahey is back after a one-game suspension against Florida due to a red card against LSU.

8:10 – Powell drives in the free kick which is headed behind for Georgia's first corner kick with about 16 minutes left.

8:11 – GOAL - Kelli Corless - Georgia

8:12 – Kelli Corless scores directly off a corner kick for the third time in her career, bending it over Patton and sneaking it inside the left post.

8:13 – The pendulum of momentum is swinging back and forth rapidly, with South Carolina now having a chance at a corner.

8:14 – Georgia clears the second short corner in succession, but only to Kim Miller who lifts it over the bar.

8:15 – IN - Petroni, OUT - Bigbie (SC)

8:15 – IN - McConnell, OUT - Farley (UGA)

8:16 – The fresh legs of Petroni drive to the endline and crosses but Betos scoops up after a bounce.

8:17 – About 11 minutes left, Georgia leads 2-1.

8:17 – Diaz-Matosas uses her pace to beat three players but Powell shields Petroni off the ball well.

8:19 – It's slowed down a bit since the last burst of activity. Georgia has been pinned back a little but are controlling the ball a little more.

8:20 – IN - Krase, OUT - Pollock (UGA)

8:23 – YELLOW CARD - Kelli Corless (UGA)

8:24 – Corless stands Petroni up with a shoulderblock and gets booked

8:24 – Diaz-Matosas lofts in a ball but Betos again is off her line to claim.

8:25 – Just three minutes left in the first half.

8:29 – HALF-TIME - #5 Georgia - 2, #4 South Carolina 1

8:30 – Best half of soccer in Orange Beach so far. South Carolina has perhaps had more of the run of play but Georgia has done very well to finish their chances.

8:36 – The stakes in this match are high, even though both teams are likely to be locked into the NCAA Tournament. The winner could very well get a national seed and rights to host the first two rounds.

8:36 – STATS: SHOTS: South Carolina - 5, UGA - 3 ... SOG - UGA - 2, SC - 2 ... CK: SC - 5, UGA - 1 ... FOULS: UGA - 4, SC - 3

8:43 – Just about to get back underway in the second half, South Carolina will be attacking the clock end going from right-to-left.

8:44 – Dew has descended onto the playing surface as the temperatures have dropped, making the field conditions a little slicker than they were at the beginning of the day.

8:46 – The second half is under way.

8:47 – Has South Carolina hit a wall? Carolina has lost three of five beginning with their meeting against Georgia in Athens.

8:48 – Miller and Small get physical at midfield, but the Georgia forward is whistled for the foul

8:49 – The pace is noticeably slower through the first three or four minutes of the half.

8:50 – Both teams like to play possession soccer, but the urgency is with South Carolina at the moment, down 2-1.

8:52 – Five minutes in and South Carolina are struggling to get into rhythm here. Simpson does well to keep her balance on the far sideline but her cross into the middle doesn't find a Georgia player.

8:53 – A near repeat of the first goal for Georgia as Miller chips it above the defense for the run of Patterson, but Patton comes out to claim.

8:54 – Brittany Rhoades dribbles through the middle and her shot is deflected behind for a SC corner.

8:55 – Diaz-Matosas plays it short to Miller, who runs onto it and sees her cross cleared away.

8:56 – Dennis tugs on Rhoades' jersey and the SC player goes down 25 yards out.

8:56 – Rhodes' shot after Miller steps over it heads right into the wall.

8:58 – With Patterson to her right, Miller dribbles through the middle and decides to shoot herself, sending it well over.

8:59 – Perry is exhibiting a lot of energy in midfield for Georgia, who are playing better this half.

9:00 – 31 minutes left, 2-1 Georgia.

9:00 – Patterson drives endline and wins a corner kick off of Fahey.

9:01 – Betos makes another unbelievable save on the counter after Grimsley and K. Rhodes run the length of the pitch, with Rhodes getting one-on-one but a sliding save from Betos denies the Gamecocks.

9:03 – South Carolina is beginning to turn the screws on the Bulldogs, earning more possession. The #5 seed Georgia is devoting more numbers to defense.

9:04 – Alarm bells ringing for the Georgia defense who are struggling to clear at times.

9:04 – IN - Hooker, OUT - Simpson (UGA)

9:06 – Grimsley dashes around Powell but before she can pull the trigger from inside the area, Eddy slides in and wins the ball.

9:07 – The Gamecock's devastating pace in attack is becoming more evident as the minutes pass. Grimsley has sparked into life in the second half.

9:08 – Small gets onto the end of a free kick, but her shot is tame and Betos goes down and saves again.

9:08 – This match has an eerie resemblance to last season's 2-1 Georgia win. The Bulldogs have been second-best but South Carolina can't find an equalizer.

9:09 – IN - Glancy, OUT - Farley (UGA)

9:10 – Dennis slides right through a South Carolina player, the Gamecocks play it quick but it falls apart.

9:11 – IN - Watts, Henry, OUT - Small, K. Rhoades (SC)

9:11 – Grimsley has a golden opportunity to equalize from four yards but her shot is blocked, at the other end, Patterson fires just wide from about 20 yards

9:12 – Just under 20 minutes left. 2-1 Georgia.

9:12 – Patterson gets to the endline and crosses, Patton drops it, but it's swept behind for a corner.

9:15 – South Carolina's momentum has ebbed just a bit since a dominating stretch of play.   Fouls are beginning to chop play up.

9:17 – The explosive tempo of the first 75 minutes has taken its toll on the players, lots of tired legs.

9:19 – IN - Dreesen, OUT - Pollock (UGA)

9:20 – IN - Watts (SC), OUT - Fahey (SC)

9:21 – IN - Miller, OUT - Falle (UGA)

9:23 – GOAL - Grimsley (Mattern) - SC

9:23 – It had been coming. A poor goal kick from Powell is taken down by Mattern, who slots it to Kayla Grimsley – who lifts it over Betos from about 12 yards.

9:24 – Grimsley almost slots in Rhodes for the potential gamewinner, but Kortney Rhoades hits it low to Betos.

9:25 – Almost a third for South Carolina as Rhoades passes right across the face of goal but nobody can get a toe onto it.

9:26 – Six minutes left and Georgia's defense is at sixes and sevens right now, as South Carolina has all the momentum.

9:28 – Eddy holds off Grimsley on a one-on-one but knocks it behind for a SC corner.

9:29 – Foul on Farley from 30 yards out.

9:29 – Miller plays it far post but Georgia clears.

9:30 – The pressure is overwhelming on the Georgia end right now, the Bulldogs are hanging on.

9:30 – GOAL - K. Rhoades (Grimsley) - SOUTH CAROLINA

9:31 – They've left it really late. Grimsley and Kortney Rhoades break at pace and Grimsley slots in Rhoades, who sweeps it past Betos.

9:31 – 3-2 with a minute left to SC

9:31 – Foul in South Carolina's end with 30 seconds left. One more chance for Georgia?

9:32 – Pollock passes to Patterson who crosses, Eddy's shot is deflected and Pollock's volley goes over.

9:32 – FULL TIME - #4 South Carolina 3, #5 Georgia 2

9:33 – This is one for the all-time SEC Tournament pantheon, along with LSU-Auburn in 2007 and Kentucky-Florida in 2006.

9:34 – What a match. Grimsley was a player possessed in the second half after a quiet first half.

9:34 – No guessing who's the game-4 Most Outstanding Player.