Stanford's 50-50 Combo Among the Best All-Time

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UPDATED: Dec. 3, 2009

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Stanford senior forward Kelley O'Hara (left; Fayetteville, Ga.) has totaled 2G-4A in four NCAA Tournament games this seaso. She now is one of 13 players in the nation with double-digit goals (25) and assists (13) this season (63 total points).

(photo courtesy of Stanford/Rick Dale)

DOUBLE-50 PRETTY NIFTY – Stanford's current offensive duo of senior Kelley O'Hara (63 pts; 25G-13A) and junior Christen Press (55 pts; 20G-15A) on Nov. 14 became the 24th pair of teammates in Division I women's soccer history to reach 50 points in the same season. Press scored twice in the NCAA first round (2-0 vs. Northern Arizona) and again in the second round (2-0 vs. BYU), with O'Hara assisting on all four of the Cardinal goals so far in the NCAAs.

Two weeks later, O'Hara scored the first two goals and Press added 1G-2A, as Stanford overcame an early Boston College goal to beat the Eagles (3-1) in the NCAA quarterfinals. O'Hara and Press now are one of 12 sets of teammates to each total 55-plus pairings in the same season. Among the 24 teammate groups listed below, 15 others have featured two (or more) players with 20-plus goals each.

Entering the NCAAs, Press was one of only eight players in the nation with double-digit goal and assists (she actually was the first player to earn that distinction, at the mideason mark. O'Hara has now jonied Press on that short list of versatile offensive players (13 total).  Portland (3) is the only other team with multiple players who have double-digit goals and assists this season.


Stanford junior forward Christen Press (left; Palos Verdes Estates, Calif.) – who several weeks ago became the first player in the nation with double-digit goals and assists – scored three of Stanford's four goals in a pair of 2-0 early-round NCAA Tournament wins (vs. NAU & BYU). She then had 1G-2A in the 3-1 quarterfinal vs. Boston College). Her 51 points this season include 19 goals and 13 assists. 

(photo courtesy of Stanford)

O'Hara and Press are only the third 50-50 combo in the past nine seasons (2001-09). Notre Dame's Kerri Hanks and Katie Thorlakson both totaled 71 points in the 2005 season, while Hanks (66 pts) and ND teammate Michele Weissenhofer (53) duplicated the 50-50 feat in 2006.


Former Notre Dame players Kerri Hanks (left) and Katie Thorlakson (right) are one of only two sets of Division I women's soccer teammates ever to reach 70 points in the same season ('05).

With a continued run of points in the final weekend of the NCAAs, O'Hara and Press could become the fifth pair of teammates ever to each reach 60 points in the same season (O'Hara, with 63, already has eclipsed that mark while Press is five shy).

The 24 sets of all-time teammates with 50-plus points in the same season are listed below. Here are some additional notes on these potent scoring pairs:

JOIN THE PARTY – Three times in the 28-year history of Division I women's soccer, a team has featured three of more 50-point scorers .... most notably, Notre Dame's 1996 NCAA runner-up team had four players with 54 points or more (two with 60-plus): senior M  Cindy Daws (72; 26G-20A), freshman M Jenny Streiffer (66; 22G-22A), sophomore F Monica Gerardo  (59; 23G-13A) and junior M Holly Manthei  (54; 5G-44A) ... one year later, Streifer again topped 50 points (58; 20G-18A) along with a pair of freshman, in midfielder Anne Makinen  (58; 23G-12A)  and F Meotis Erikson  (56; 22G-12A) ... that same season ('97), Florida also had three 50-point scorers (all forwards): freshman Andrea Sellers (61; 23G-15A), sophomore Sarah Yohe (51; 20G-11A) and junior Melissa Pini (50; 18G-14A) ... ND was upset by UConn in the 1997 NCAA semifinals and Florida was knocked out in the round-of-16 (0-5 vs. eventual champ UNC).




The 1997 Florida trio of Andrew Sellers (far left), Sarah Yohe (left) and Melissa Pini (lower left) all totaled 50-plus points in the 1997 season.

DO IT AGAIN – More than half (13) of the 24 teammate groups listed below come from three teams: UNC (5), Florida (5) and ND (4) ... others with multiple sets of high-scoring teammates on this list includes UConn and SMU (2 each), with Georgia State, UNC Greensboro, Portland, Santa Clara, Stanford and William & Mary all on the list once.

DO IT AGAIN, PART II. – Ten different players have been part of multiple 50--point teammate seasons, including the UNC duos of Mia Hamm and Kristine Lilly (who each posted 50-plus points in 1990, and again in '92), and Debbie Keller and Robin Confer (in '95 and '96) ... Jenny Streiffer was one of four ND players with 50-plus points in 1996 (with Cindy Daws, Monica Gerardo and Holly Manthei) and then one of three in '97 (with Anne Makinen and Meotis Ericson) ... another ND player, Kerri Hanks, combined with Katie Thorlakson as teammates with 50-plus points in 2005 (and again in '06, with Michele Weissenhofer) ... the most unique 50-point teammate performer is Danielle Garrett Fotopoulos: in 1995 at SMU (with Courtney Linex), in '96 at Florida (with Melissa Pini) and in '98 at UF (with Abby Wambach) ... Pini joined teammates Sarah Yohe and Andrea Sellers with 50-point seasons in 1997 ... Wambach later combined with Yohe as 50-point teammates in 1999 and again in 20000 (with Sellers) – as Wambach matched the "threepeat" of Garrett-Fotopoulos.


Danielle Garrett Fotopoulos (left) and former Florida teammate Abby Wamback (pict. below) are the only player ever to be part of three different 50-point teammate groups (at SMU in '95, Florida in '96 and UF in '98.

JUICED-BALL ERA? – The decade of the 1990s (1999-99) saw 18 different sets of teammates post 50 points in the season, compared to only two in the 1980s and four in the current decade ... 1997 was an explosive offensive year throughout the country, as six different teams (UConn, ND, UNC Greensboro, William & Mary, Florida and Georgia State) featured at least two 50-point scorers that season ... there also were two pairs of 50-point teammates in 1995 and four in '96 – yielding 12 total (half of the entire list) from 1995-97 (contrasted to there being only two in the seven-year period from 1988-94 and then only six in 11 seasons, '98-'08, prior to O'Hara and Press) ... the only other season with multiple 50-point teammate groups has been 1999 (there have been none in 14 seasons: '82-'83, '85-'86, '88-'89, '91, '93, '01-'04, '07-'08) ... there was at least one 50-point teammate duo in seven straight seasons, from 1994-2000 (the longest streak without ant has been four season, 2001-04, the only streak without any that's longer than two years).

THE PAYOFF – The 24 all-time teams featuring at least two 50-point scorers have combined to win 80% of their games (60-15-0) during NCAA Tournament play ... that success has included six NCAA championships teams – UNC in 1984, '90, '92 and '96, plus Florida in 1998 and Santa Clara in '98) – along with three teams that were runner-up (ND in '96 and '06; UConn in '97) ... three others were defeated in the semifinals (UNC and SMU in '95, ND in '97), which is the current level of advancement for Stanford's O'Hara and Press ... four more came one game shy of reaching the College Cup final weekend, due to quarterfinal losses for Portland ('94), Florida and UConn (both in '96), and Notre Dame ('05; the aforementioned Thorlakson and Hanks combo that both eclipsed 70 points) ... three lost in the round-of-16 (all in '97: UNCG, W&M and Florida), while Florida's 1999 and 2000 squads both were bounced in the round-of-32 (abruptly ending the seasons for their 50--point scorers) ... there have been only two teams with multiple 50-point scorers that have failed to make the NCAAs: SMU in 1987 (only a 12-team field) and Georgia State in '97 (32 entrants) ... three have been three NCAA semifinal field that featured two teams with 50-point teammates: 1995 (UNC & SMU), 1996 (UNC & ND) and 1997 (ND & UConn).



Mia Hamm (left) and Kristine Lilly both totaled 50-plus points in 1990 and again in '92, while helping lead UNC to national titles in both of those seasons.


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(Stanford's Kelley O'Hara, 63 pts, and Christen Press, 55 pts, became the 24th pair of Division I women's soccer teammates with 50-plus points in the same season (doing so during the first weekend of the NCAA Championship) ... they now are on of 12 teammates duos ever to reach 55 points each (four previous sets of teammates have reached 60 points each, including two elite duos with 70-plus points each):

SMU 1995 also 60-60/70-70  (2-1 in NCAAs ... semifinalist) 

Danielle Garrett (later Fotopoulos)  (83 pts; 32G-19A) 

Courtney Linex  (77; 31G-15A) 


Notre Dame 2005 also 60-60/70-70  (3-1-0 in NCAAs ... quarterfinalist) 

Kerri Hanks  (71; 28G-15A) 

Katie Thorlakson  (71; 18G-35A)


Kerri Hanks (left) and Katie Thorlakson



Notre Dame's Cindy Daws 
(far left), Jenny Streiffer (left), 
Monica Gerardo (lower left)
and Holly Manthei (lower right).

Notre Dame 1996 
also 60-60 (2 players)  
(4-1-0 in NCAAs ... runner-up)

Cindy Daws  (72; 26G-20A) 

Jenny Streiffer  (66; 22G-22A) 

Monica Gerardo  (59; 23G-13A) 

Holly Manthei  (54; 5G-44A)





North Carolina 1992 also 60-60  (3-0 in NCAAs ... champion)

Mia Hamm  (97; 32G-33A) 

Kristine Lilly  (65; 23G-19A) 



UConn's Sarah Whalen (left) topped 20 goals and 20 assists during 1997 season.

Connecticut 1997  (4-1 in NCAAs ... runner-up) 

Sara Whalen  (64; 21G-22A) 

Jen Carlson  (59; 24G-11A)



Abby Wambach was part of three different 50-point teammate combinations during her career at Florida.

Florida 1999  (0-1-0 ... round-of-32) 

Abby Wambach  (62; 23G-16A) 

Sarah Yohe  (58; 24G-10A)



Notre Dame 1997  (3-1 in NCAAs .... semifinalist) 

Anne Makinen  (58; 23G-12A) 

Jenny Streiffer  (58; 20G-18A) 

Meotis Erikson  (56; 22G-12A) 


(from left) Anna Makinen, Jenny Streiffer and Meotis Ericson.


North Carolina-Greensboro 1997  (1-1-0 in NCAAs ... round-of-16) 

Kati Kantanen  (68; 24G-20A) 

Ali Lord  (56; 24G-8A) 



Debbie Keller (left) and Robin Confer


North Carolina 1995  
(2-1 in NCAAs ... semifinalist)

Debbie Keller  (61; 23G-15A) 

Robin Confer  (56; 19G-18A) 


Florida 1996  (2-1-0 in NCAAs ... quarterfinalist) 

Danielle (Garrett) Fotopoulos  (81; 34G-13A) 

Melissa Pini  (55; 22G-11A) 



Kelley O'Hara (left) and Christen Press

(currently 4-0-0 in NCAAs; has reached semifinals)

Kelley O'Hara (63; 25G-13A) 

Christen Press (55; 20G-15A) 


Connecticut 1996  (2-1-0 in NCAAs ... quarterfinalist) 

Kerry Connors  (58; 20G-18A) 

Ginny Woodward  (55; 21G-13A) 



Kerri Hanks (left) and Michelle Weissenhofer became Notre Dame's fourth all-time set of 50-50 teammates, in 2006.

Notre Dame 2006  (5-1-0 in NCAAs ... runner-up) 

Kerri Hanks  (66; 22G-22A) 

Michele Weissenhofer  (53; 18G-17A) 


SMU 1987  (did not make NCAAs; 12-team field) 

Lisa Cole  (87; 37G-13A) 

Kathy Patterson  (52; 14G-24A) 



Mia Hamm (left) nearly totaled 20G-20A for UNC in 1990

North Carolina 1990  (3-0-0 in NCAAs ... champion)  

Mia Hamm  (67; 24G-19A) 

Kristine Lilly  (52; 20G-12A) 


North Carolina 1984  (3-0-0 in NCAAs ... champion) 

April Heinrichs (5 9; 23G-13A) 

Joan Dunlap  (52; 21G-10A)




William & Mary's Missy Wycinsky (left) and Ann Cook

William & Mary 1997  
(1-1 in NCAAs; round-of-16)

Missy Wycinsky  (58; 21G-16A) 

Ann Cook  (52; 16G-20A) 



Portland alums Tiffeny Milbrett (left) and Shannon MacMillan are two of several players on this page who went on to star with Team USA.

Portland 1994  (2-1-0 ... semifinalist) 

Tiffeny Milbrett (68; 30G-8A) 

Shannon MacMillan (51; 22G-7A)




Florida 1997  (1-1 in NCAAs; round-of-16) 

Andrea Sellers (61; 23G-15A) 

Sarah Yohe (51; 20G-11A) 

Melissa Pini (50; 18G-14A) 


Georgia State 1997  (did not make NCAAs; 32-team field) 

Kara Fitzgeralnd (52; 19G-14A 

Anna Kaisa Moilanen (51; 19G-13A) 


Florida 1998  (5-0-0 in NCAAs ... champion) 

Danielle (Garrett) Fotopoulos (75; 32G-11A) 

Abby Wambach (50; 19G-12A) 



Santa Clara's Mandy Clemens turned in a rare 20-goal/20-assist season in 1999.

Santa Clara 1999
(5-0-0 in NCAAs ... champion)

Mandy Clemens (71; 24G-23A) 

Jacqui Little (50; 21G-8A) 


Florida 2000  (0-1 in NCAAs ... round-of-16)

Abby Wambach (54; 23G-8A) 

Andria Sellers (50; 20G-10A)


North Carolina 1996  (5-0-0 in NCAAs ... champion) 

Debbie Keller (51; 18G-15A) 

Robin Confer (50; 20G-10A)

Action photos of Notre Dame's 2005 duo of Kerri Hanks (left) and Katie Thorlakson.